Is The Cure More Painful Than The Bad Back?


I woke up on Monday morning and as I turned over my back went into an agonizing spasm.  Clearly the thought of going to work had had a bad effect on it! Either that or the fact that I’d spent the day before trying to declutter the attic had strained something near my spine! Trying to lift crates without having the room to bend my knees properly and manoeuvring heavy boxes down the loft ladder was probably not, in all truth, the most sensible thing I could have done, however, sometimes it just has to be done.

So I needed help. And quickly!  I searched Google for “Osteopath Reading“, and as the results came up it struck me that I already knew an osteopath and I’d talked to a few of his very satisfied patients!

The Best Chiropodist in Reading?

I’ve been taking my elderly mother to see the podiatrist at the Theale Wellbeing Centre for a few years now because she swears Lloyd Clark-Morris is the best chiropractor in Reading!!  While I’m waiting for her in reception, I often chat to the other walking wounded who come in with back pain, sciatica or neck problems. They’re usually here to see one of the osteopaths, but sometimes they’re in for sports massage (which I quite fancy) or very occasionally acupuncture (needles, hmmm, not for me). Most people do seem to be walking much easier when they leave. So I though it would be worth calling them first to see if they could do anything to help me out.

Modesty preserved!

I managed to get a cancellation with Osteopath Michael at lunchtime. I hobbled gingerly into the Wellbeing Centre and filled in a contact form. I was slightly worried about having to undress because although I’d lost weight after my American adventure, Christmas had rather undone all my slimming efforts!I need not have worried, Michael took a full history of my recurring (it wasn’t the first time I’d done something stupid!) back problem and then only had me undress down to my T-shirt. Modesty preserved!

He asked me to move my neck and arms and saw how far I could move my spine without flinching with pain, then I lay down on the couch while he placed a pillow on my chest, specifically positioned my arms around the pillow and then jumped on me to crack my back. It did knock all the air out of me for a second, but for some inexplicable reason I found it hysterically funny and couldn’t stop laughing! After doing the same thing on the other side, to get yet more loud cracking he then massaged the specific muscles which were causing the problem, warning me that I might feel quite sore tomorrow. I can see that, he’s a big chap and he wasn’t holding back. But if it works, I really don’t care!

He was at pains to point out that he doesn’t crack everyone who comes to see hm 🙂

Feeling Better

By the time I left, my back felt tons easier and although I expected to feel bit sore while the muscles recovered, I did feel that I was on the road to recovery. I may have to go back of course. One session doesn’t always fix it completely, but I have complete confidence that Michael can sort it out, and I’ll be fine for my next golf day on Friday.

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