The Mile High City

Breakfast In America

Our first breakfast in America was amazing.  I had absolutely no idea what pigs in biscuits were, and I’d never heard of pico de gallo sauce before I ordered it (on the side), but it was all really delicious.  The biscuits are a bit like what in England we’d call cheese scones.  They came with a slice of bacon, a slice of ham and a great sausage patty. Yum.  And to follow, French cinnamon toast with maple syrup.  Also delicious – but could have used just a little more butter to make it even more decadent!

In addition to explaining most if the items on the menu 🙂  our waitress (or server as I believe the US term is) also recommended the 16th Street Mall as the place to go in Denver,  It’s the main tourist shopping area.  So after picking up our hire car we set off towards the big city.   I don’t know if it’s because Denver is so high up, or just that America is bigger but the sky really does appear to go on forever side.  I could almost imagine that I could see the curve of the earth.

Scraping the Sky Downtown

Downtown Denver

Mile high skyscrapers!

Not being used to the roads we were hooted at a number of times until we realised that we were stopping at red lights when turning right. The locals just checked to see if there was nothing coming and then turned regardless of the red light. We passed the State capitol building with it’s golden dome and the stunning skyscrapers of downtown.

Twice round Denver and we found a car park right at the top of the 16th Street Mall. We walked all the way down, past dozens of restaurants. We enjoyed a browse round the tourist shops via a comfort break in Barnes and Noble and a refill at Starbucks.

Standing on the Mile High Step

State Capitol Building

Standing on the mile high step

Just past the bottom of the mall is the State Capitol building, we crossed the road and then of course I just had to stand on the mile high step. We’d already walked quite a long way and it was a hot day, so while I ambled gently to the top of the stairs so Sam sat at the bottom and prepared the zoom lens to record my mile high moment for posterity.  Of course you’d need to know it was me, as I’m rather overwhelmed by the size of the building. It reminds me a little of St Paul’s Cathedral. Different dome, but similar entrance.

After the long walk in the heat down the mall we decided to catch one of the prolific shuttle buses back. As expected we didn’t have to wait more than a minute,  There must be at least 1 bus per block and they just go round in a circle, with a stop just before the corner of each clock.

Hot Tamales

And onto our next meal stop, “The Cheesecake Factory”. It was recommended by a colleague and we were not disappointed.  We had a selection of starters, the Sweetcorn Tamales were just gorgeous,  as were the deep fried avocado slices which were another thing I’ve never seen before.  We were actually too full for cheesecake. We missed a trick though, we should have taken it back to the hotel to eat later.

Union Station

Union Station

And then it was time to waddle back to our hire car and try to find our way back to the hotel.

We managed it with only a couple of wrong turns thanks to having downloaded the map of Denver onto our Android tablet. The GPS works and tracks our location despite not having an active internet connection. It’s been a huge boon every time we’ve been abroad as data roaming can be hugely expensive.

Arriving back at the hotel, my body felt like it was midnight and exhaustion had set in. Time for bed.

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